SABS Approved

The product range has been rigorously tested and meets all local and international standards. The products were tested worldwide by the laboratories listed in the ‘Safety Certificate’. The tests offer a positive informed choice in order to protect your family, young and old, those with allergies and our environment. SP Paint is a premium quality, fast curing coat designed not only for the industrial sector but also catering to areas where the health of the occupants like schools, hospitals, homes, offices and farming are essential.

Our Certifications

  • SABS 1055 Salt Frog Resistance
  • SABS 0182 Artificial weathering and UV Resistance
  • SABS 0145 & ASTM 2704 Impact Resistance & Flexibility
  • SABS 0159 Paint adhesion to surfaces
  • SABS 0177 Surface fire & smoke index
  • BS 476 Flame Spread resistance
  • CSIR and Williams laboratories (South Africa)
  • ISO (England)
  • SWL Laboratories (United States of America)
  • SETSCO and SISIR (Singapore & Huntingdon)

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